There are quite a few web sites dedicated to ‘Handling the Media’ and ‘Interview Skills’. I shan’t list them – partly because they’re easy to find via Google, and partly because I think Fine Cut Films is the best!

But one thing all the experts agree on is:

Know what it is you want to say, and then say it.

Do you know what it is you want to say about your company, your product or yourself?

Okay then; go out there and say it.

But First

This is the obligatory sales pitch. Please feel free to click on ‘back’ or close the page. But I hope you’ll stay.

Not only because I need to earn a few shillings to pay the rent, but because I firmly believe that interview skills are like riding a bicycle or throwing a pot – they’re all practical skills. You can read all you like, but it’s not until you actually put foot to pedal or hand to clay, that you really start to learn.

Fine Cut Films courses are intensive practical courses where you’ll face questioning by experienced journalists, with professional crews, and, where appropriate, a fully-equipped broadcast studio.

There are four main instructors and/or interviewers. Between us we have over a hundred years of radio, television and print experience!

There are five standard courses plus refreshers, specially tailored classes and individual coaching.

Courses can be as short as half a day, and as long as five days. Most, though, are two days full time.

If you’d like to know more, see a (partial) list of satisfied clients, peruse some unsolicited feedback, or find out how little a course could cost, please send a message.