Short Film of the Day

There is so much content on YouTube these days that many good films are in danger of being overlooked.

I'll try to put a new one here every day - but it may be every few days until I get some feedback.

For a start, how about this:


Brillant script.

Excellent casting.

Great lighting.

Editing spot on.

Agree? Disagree? Views, please.


  1. Reply
    Ian Oliver 28/08/2016

    Length – probably constrained by the music track. Take out a complete phrase and it would be too short???

  2. Reply
    Elvin 27/08/2016

    Maybe a little long for the content?

  3. Reply
    AlanD 27/08/2016

    Not politically correct – giving chocolates to pretty boys, you mean?

  4. Reply
    Dan de Lion 27/08/2016

    Is that sort of thing politically correct?
    Not really sure.

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