How not to be a Simon Dee

(ask Mr Google if you don’t know who he was)

Who do you want to be? Jeremy Paxman? David Letterman? Jeremy Clarkson? Perhaps Ruby Wax? Noel Edmonds or Robert Robinson? Not Chris Evans, I presume…

Being a presenter looks so easy; at least it does if the presenter is good. But many people have fallen flat on their faces from not understanding how hard it is.

The duties of a television presenter are many and varied. But they can be vaguely grouped into three varieties:

The difference between a ‘Piece to Camera’ and a ‘Stand-Upper’. Really talking to, and involving the viewer.

Not just reading a list of questions at someone. Establishing a conversation and eliciting the kind of information that the viewer wants to know.

Much more than having a deep brown voice. Understanding what it is you’re talking about. Going fast without hurrying. Matching tone and pace to the tracks already there.

How to avoid looking like a zombie and sounding like a runaway train.