It’s Good for You

You might well ask what on earth a section on wine is doing on a site dedicated to the nuts and bolts of film and television production. And there’s a very simple answer to this. Somewhere.

While I’m looking for it, I’ll leave you with the thought that the red gluggy stuff is lovely, but there’s an awful lot of pretentious crap written about it. Plus much commercial wine is over-priced. If you’re careful you can get a much better taste for your money. I won’t tell you what to buy, just give you a few pointers.

They say that the best way to take care of your arteries is to imbibe one or two glasses of red wine a day. Well I say that if one glass is good, then six or eight must be very good.

The other recommendation for staving off heart problems is, apparently, dark (not milk) chocolate.

So far, so good. But some people go so far as to say you should take the choccies and the Merlot at the same time. YUK!

I’m not an expert, so there will obviously be many errors and omissions. Please let me know gently, and I’ll try to do better.

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