The Apportionment of Blame

Most instructional tomes on running a web site say you should give credibility to the thing by admitting who did it. Credibility – hah!!!And by offering a means of feedback. Whether you’ve got a complaint, suggestion or a request for more information, please send e-mail:This site was designed to be a cornucopia of information provided by international experts from all walks of the television and film world. But so far there’s… Well there’s only me here at the moment.Various people have promised that more is to come. On sound, for instance, on which I’m extremely ignorant. But then I’m ignorant about pictures as well and that hasn’t stopped me writing about them…So – gentle reader; please give me some feedback.They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s three thousand’s worth. One of them is me:

But don’t try to guess which one of the mystery pictures is the true idiot. Uninteresting fact number forty two; the Arabic word for beautiful is ‘Camel’. Now you know why all those ladies in Harrods wear camouflage.