“I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition”

And you won’t get the Spanish Inquisition on a course by Fine Cut Films.

What you will get is an intensive practical experience that is as close to the real thing as possible. There are lectures, of course, and videotapes of other people (good and bad) in action. But most time on the course is spent being interviewed and viewing the results afterwards.

Most of our courses involve two lecturers, two interviewers, two fully-equipped video crews and some pretty uncomfortable chairs!

And, of course, there’s concentration on the three critical considerations for any interviewee: Preparation, preparation and preparation.

And the cost? You’ll be surprised, beforehand, at how reasonable Fine Cut Films fees are – and, afterwards, how much of an investment they’ve proved to be.

If you want to know exactly how reasonable, please send a message.


A short introduction to interview techniques. One day, with two full-length interview practice sessions.

Media Basics

Two day intensive practical experience. This is our most popular course and experience has shown it to be the most effective.

Interview Revision

One day workout for people who’ve done the basic course and now find they’re likely to be more in the public eye. Workshop with practical experience.

Press Conference

One day workshop with two practical exercises. Presumes attendance of the basic course or similar experience and knowledge.

Sound Bites

Managing the tricky business of packaging complex thoughts into a small time frame. One day with practical exercises. Includes tape of resulting stories with your interview bites in context.


A specialist workshop dealing with programme situations where you face opposing views. One day course with practical sessions. There’s also a chance to see yourself as a television presenter.


For people who advise and prepare interviewees – their appearance and interview content.

If you’d like to know more about the content of a course, read feedback from some participants or receive a list of clients, please send a short message