Smell the Roses

Are roses wondrous satin soft blooms with a heavenly colour and delightful perfume? Or are they just lying there waiting to prick you if you touch them?

All performers suffer from nerves. Many actors confess to being physically sick before the curtain rises. And interviewees can feel just as nervous, especially in a studio. It can be a hostile, frightening place if you’ve never been in one before. So here are a few thoughts on how to feel, and look, at ease and comfortable.

Never go into an interview thinking, “I must be careful to avoid mentioning…”. Death! Only ever think of the good news you’ve got to tell.

You’ve got the attitude, the right clothes, the right make-up and the right answers. Here are a few tips on preparing the Inner Man (or Woman).

Dealing with Tension

Lean against the wall and try to push it down with your hands.

Shake your hands as if you’re trying to dry them.

Push your hands together hard. Push and squeeze. Now link your fingers and try to pull your hands apart.

Bounce up and down on your toes, keeping your heels off the ground.

Breathe out slowly over a count of ten seconds. Do this ten times. This one has the advantage that you can do it almost without being detected.

And a few words of advice on Food and Drink

Don’t drink just before the interview – the camera can make you look bright red.

Avoid carbohydrates or heavy starchy food before an interview.

Don’t drink anything very hot or very cold. All these things affect the vocal chords.

If you feel your throat is dry, sip some warm water, weak tea with honey and lemon, warm black coffee or flat coca cola.