Some links that you may (or may not) find useful


A huge collection of people available to shoot / edit / perform in / criticise your latest epic

Silly name, but it’s a wonderful collection of links to scripts. Read, learn and enjoy

If you ever wanted to know who worked the left arm of the third triffid from the right, you can find out here

This site is a work of art in itself. Lots of good tunes to while away the hours while you’re sitting in front of your Mac waiting for inspiration to strike

Listen to what you think is a splendid sound track on a pair of these magic speakers and – well, I hope you won’t want to cry. The most analytical loudspeakers ever. Good links to other Quad sites as well

A treasure trove of obscurisms Wonderful words like, ‘semordlinap’, ‘hebesphenomegacorona’, ‘smouch’ and ‘farb’. Enjoy! Not updated for a while, but a gem of a site to visit.

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