But chances are you’ll be in front of the camera one day soon.

And you’ve got to do it right or it could harm you, your company or your product. So what are you going to do? If you’re suddenly faced with a PR crisis, could you cope? A short while ago, people at Arthur Andersen would have scoffed at such a question. Now they’re… well they’re not at Arthur Andersen any longer. And it needn’t take shady dealing to get you in front of the camera. Television is increasingly part and parcel of business and personal concern. If you’ve come up with a perpetual motion machine or a goose that lays golden eggs you’ll find yourself in front of a camera sooner or later. Do you know how to handle the experience? The best thing, of course, is to have some practice. With real lights, real cameras and a real interviewer. See for yourself how you look on camera, hear how you sound, watch how you react. Are you saying less than you want and revealing more than you should?

Could you cope?

Fine Cut Films can help. You can pick up a tip or three from:

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