A lot of spurious, assorted and unsupported ‘facts’ about animals

Ancient Egyptians revered cats. They thought the animals were sent by heaven. When a cat died its owner shaved off his eyebrows in mourning.

The oldest domestic cat was a female tabby named “Ma” that lived to be 34 years old. The oldest male cat was 32, and belonged to a pit in the north of England. It had survived quite a few battles, but not without some marks to show for it. It was named “Scargill”.

Cat’s urine glows under an ultra-violet light. Why this should be so, or who should care, I know not.

Only male turkeys (Toms) gobble; females make a sort of clicking noise.

Turkeys do not come from Turkey. Indeed it is said that the only turkeys in the country are imports in food shops.

For some reason turkeys often look up at the sky when it is raining. Nobody seems to know why. It can’t be a survival thing; turkeys have drowned in particularly heavy rain.

Catgut comes not from cats, but from sheep. Enjoy your tennis or playing your violin in front of Tiddles.

In the United States most fire stations, or firehouses, were built with the actual fire fighting equipment on the ground floor, and the living quarters or dormitories above. The next generation of buildings was constructed the same way, but with circular stairs instead of straight ones. The horses that were stabled on the ground floor had worked out how to cope with straight stairs and liked to trot up for a bit of company and some warmth in the evenings. Have you ever tried to lead a horse downstairs? They don’t like it, I assure you.

If you feed a seagull Alka-Seltzer, its stomach will explode. So I’m told. Could be an interesting experiment, and serve some of the buggers right for shitting all over my boat.