Fact or Fiction

This section is in two main parts; for performers in a fictional story (actors) and for people appearing in vision in a non-fiction story (presenters). There are many graduations of ‘non-fiction’ – I suppose a the skills of a television chef are more related to acting than news reporting. And where a dramatised documentary fits in is even more complicated. If in doubt, study both sections. In fact, I recommend that everybody working in film and television, especially people with directing ambitions, should learn as much as possible about all the jobs involved.
Acting 101. The difference between the camera and the stage. Keeping up the energy for shots with a two hour break in between. And how to move without knocking over the furniture.

Presenting for Fun and Profit. It’s a curious sort of life. There’s more than a bit of acting in there. Here are a few bits and pieces about the parts that are different from thespianising.

Whether you’re enunciating  Shakespeare or reporting from Outer Mongolia, you communicate largely through your voice. Make it do a good job for you.