“Look at it this way”

Start seeing like a camera with Fine Cut Films

There are many ways to learn about the fascinating world of film and video. You could apply for a job as a trainee researcher at one of the top broadcasters. Or spend four years at film school. Or simply pick up a camera and start shooting. Those are all ways to learn – and all have plus and minus points. But the quickest way to having a brilliant show reel is to book a place on one of Fine Cut Films’ production courses.

Fine Cut Films Production Courses

Directing Films

The basics – from your first time with a camera to the final screening. This course comes in many shapes and sizes. We’ve run it as a one-week introduction to the business, three weeks full time, and at twelve weeks evenings and weekends.

Visual Journalism

From inspiration to finished news story. Two week course that starts from zero and builds to a final news bulletin. Incorporates many parts of other courses.

Writing Fiction

Plot and character construction, intricacies of dialogue, three-act and nine-act styles. Courses can be tailored to fit any combination of skill and available time.

Camera Skills

A look at the difference between holiday scatter-gun shooting and the experience of the DoP. Three to five days.


Performing on screen. It’s totally different from the stage experience. Custom courses designed to fit your background and knowledge.


Appearance, grooming, walking and talking. Voice techniques. Interview skills. One week full time.


Non-linear skills. The technical aspects and the aesthetic considerations. Visual rhythm, pace and timing. Cutting to music and creating an atmosphere. Three to five days.

If you’d like to know more about the content of a course, read feedback from some participants or receive a list of clients, please send a short message