The Storyboard – the Life Saver

Here’s the result of all that paperwork:

Not brilliant, but quick and easy. After all the preparation. About 45 minutes to shoot.

A couple of things worth noting: I omitted the master shot – just seemed to work better without it. And the first two shots to establish the banana likewise didn’t make it to the screen. The music seemed to fit the mood, but wasn’t long enough, so I dropped the shots.

So – a little bit of preaching – shoot what you plan, but don’t make the edit follow the same law.

Get somebody who wasn’t involved to look at your rough cut. Not your mother or your labrador – they’ll both say it was wonderful. But a knowledgeable critic. Then grit your teeth and drop the wonderful shot that took you all morning to get right.

Cut what you shot, not what you planned to shoot.

Happy Storyboarding